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Different Ceremonies For Babies

The birth of a child is a very joyous and sacred occasion for every family. Even People who haven’t planned kids welcome this surprise with open arms. Children are a beautiful blessing and a gift that should be cherished and enjoyed as not everyone has the good luck of becoming parents. There are certain rituals and ceremonies that are present in different cultures for welcoming them into the world and have been observed by people for many years.

Babies have their head shaved in Muslim and Hindu traditions within 7 days of their birth. In Hinduism it is believed to help the baby get rid of the negativity of their past life and cleanse it. Circumcision is also performed on boys in Judaism, Islam and Christianity but is a must for Muslims and Jews while Christians have the option of not doing it. Muslims also whisper the call of prayer in the child’s right ear hours after they are born as these are the first word that they should hear. Baptism rituals include poring water over the child’s head to cleanse the child of any sins. Several cultures invite members of their family and friend circle to act as godparents. It is they who hold the child during the baptism ceremony. Sikhs welcome their babies with a lot of fanfare. The babies name is choses and then a sweet treat is distributed to the people attending.

Naming ceremonies are also held across the world. Close friends and families attend the function and may even give luxury baby gifts. They can take up any format from small gathering to a large event. It is chance to formally announce your child’s name and allows important people in your life to give your baby their blessings and support. A celebrant may be hired to lead the ceremony and may even provide official certificates to commemorate the day. They can even be combined the child’s first birthday so that people don’t feel burdened with two occasions.

People often come with gifts, they can range from simple to baby gifts such as blankets embroidered with the child’s name or even a personalized gift box. You should decide the gift on the basis of how old the child is when the ceremony is being held. For older children, books and toys are better. There are a lot of personalized options available online ranging from teddy bears to money boxes.  Any location can be chosen, if you are going for a more religious event then you can make your location choice according to that. Otherwise they can be held at the beach or at your house or even at the local park. Beverages as well as food is served to the guests which is in accordance with how elaborate your event is.